Tilting Storage Boxes - Tilt Storage Box System

Tilt Box Storage System

This range of transparent tilting compartments, in 5 sizes, offers the ideal solution for the storage of small parts and components.

The individual compartments are contained within a plastic housing all of the same 600mm length, so that they can be used together in mixed sizes.5 compartment sizes to meet most requirements for small parts and components wrapped or loose.

  • Clear shatter-proof plastic compartments with large contents integral label holder.
  • All individual compartments can be easily lifted out of the housing and placed on a work surface if required.
  • Housings are designed to clip together in a stack and are all equipped with fixing holes to enable direct fixing to vertical surfaces such as a wall or bench back riser.  The housings are also designed to slide down on the specifically designed racks, trolley and central storage cupboard housings in virtually any combination (normally with the larger units placed at the lower section of the stack).
  • The tilt boxes are offered individually and as component parts of standard kits using free-standing racks, trolley and specialist dense storage central storage unit.
  • Ideal for use in all environments including office, workshop and factory offering highly visible, dense storage with protection from dust and dirt.
  • Transit bars for the tilt boxes are also available to prevent accidental opening of the units if they are used in a dynamic situation such as on a trolley or in a van – the product is particularly suited to this in-vehicle application when equipped with transit bars – see image to the right.