Walmark Heavy-Duty Longspan Shelving is the ideal storage solution for hand loaded, medium sized packages, containers and bulky components. Our Heavy-Duty Longspan shelving has rapidly adjustable levels with a range of load carrying capacities. This stable and rigid rack system is designed to cope with the arduous conditions experienced in an industrial environment.

For ease of ordering, we have pre-configured some popular combinations from our Faststock range. All Faststock bays are 2000mm high and are available in two depths; 600mm or 900mm. All pre-configured bays come with 2 beam levels – additional levels are available separately. A guide to the starter and extension terminology is given below.


  • Rapid, easy assembly and level height adjustment to meet changing needs.
  • Range of bay sizes to offer tailored solutions for versatile storage.
  • Epoxy powder coated for long-lasting use, uprights in blue RAL 5010 and beams in safety high visibility orange RAL 2004.
  • Frames can be floor bolted for ultimate stability.
  • All beams supplied with drop in locking pins to prevent accidental dislodgement of the beam.
  • Choice of flush fitting 18mm chipboard or galvanised steel decking further supported by steel support bars.
  • Tough load capacities with beam level loads up to 600 kg UDL (uniformly distributed load) and complete bay loads up to 6000 kg (based on lowest level being 1000mm or less from the ground).
  • Beam levels are adjustable on a 50mm vertical pitch.
  • European manufactured to FEM standard.

What is a ‘starter bay’?

Walmark Heavy-Duty Longspan Shelving is supplied as ‘Starter’ and ‘Extension’ bays. A ‘starter’ bay is always the first bay in the run and any further bay that connects to this is an ‘extension’ bay (an extension bay only has one end-frame as it connects directly to another). For example if you just want one single bay of shelving you need a ‘starter’. If you want 3 bays of shelving in a continuous line you would need 1 ‘starter’ and 2 ‘extensions’.

How do I measure up?

Due to the nature of the starter/extension system the full dimensions of the shelving are slightly larger than the nominal shelf size. A simple guide to calculating the overall dimensions is as follows:

‘Starter’ Width = Shelf width plus 111mm

‘Extension’ Width = Shelf width plus 59mm

Therefore, a single run of 3 bays each using 1850mm levels would be 5779mm long.

We understand that this system can be confusing, especially to first time buyers, so we encourage you to call us on 01380 828547 if you have any queries, where expert help is at hand. Furthermore, a full range of other sizes and accessories are available on request. Please call us for details.